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Including recent injuries or surgeries, chronic illnesses, medications with dosage amounts, allergies (environmental or food), and any special instructions.
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Current vaccination records from your veterinarian must be on file at time of service. Please scan or take a picture of these documents and attach them to a separate email with your dog's name in the subject line. We will not admit any dog without proper identification/rabies tags, vaccination records, and signed agreements. Please acknowledge you have read the following statement and will send a copy of these records to
Brand of food, serving size, & frequency
If so, where and do you like that arrangement? If not, does he respect boundaries?
Is your dog completely potty trained? *
Potty trained means: goes outside to potty, has no accidents indoors or in the crate, and does NOT use a potty pad.
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House training means: no rushing through open doors, no chewing, climbing, jumping, or destroying of household items.
In a crate, on a dog bed, in bed with you, etc.
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Crate trained means: 1) your dog willingly enters and exits his crate on command, 2) will stay in his crate for an extended period of time when you're home and when you're gone, 3) is used to sleeping in his crate at night, and 4) is quiet in the crate, no whining, barking, or scratching to get out of the crate.
Describe the activity, schedule, duration/distance
Please explain if not.
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What worked for you? What didn't work for you?
buckle collar, leash, harness, invisible fence, prong collar, gentle leader, remote collar, etc.
Does your dog have separation anxiety? *
Separation anxiety means: your dog whines, barks, or is destructive in any way when he is separated from you for any amount of time, he pants or drools excessively when he's in his crate, he barks or whines when in his crate, he follows you everywhere in the house and is always underfoot.
Examples: humans in general, men, women, children, other dogs, other animals, thunderstorms, fireworks, sirens, loud noises in general, vehicles, his crate, other. Please explain in detail.
Example: The dog guards/growls when you or others approach his food, toys, bed, or crate. Or growls when you try to remove him from bed or furniture. Or lunges/recoils from human touch or approaching dogs.
A bite means: your dog has put his mouth on someone or some animal and bruised, scratched, puncture, torn, or in any way maimed that person or animal. Please describe the event(s) and severity. Example: chases, herds, nips, or attacks children, other dogs, small animals, or livestock.
Please describe a typical vet visit.
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Desired date to begin service
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Our clients love to see their dog's training and daily updates on film so they can review it in the future and share it with family and friends on social media. We take lots of pictures and videos of the dogs that we work with and then use that footage to make weekly how-to-train-your-dog videos. We find these videos are highly beneficial to our clients as well as other struggling dog owners all across the country. Please let us know if you would like to participate by granting us permission to film and photograph you and your dog while in our care.
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Application Acknowledgement
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