Tara w/ her nephew and Scout


It all started when...

I brought our first dog, Scout, home from the shelter. I assumed that she would be able to walk on a leash and that I could easily teach her basic commands. For months, we struggled with just the walk, let alone all of her other naughty behaviors. She dragged my husband and I down the street lunging and barking at other dogs. She jumped on everyone she met, rushed out the front door, and our first visit to the vet was a joke. Scout was completely out of control. A gentleman sat patiently waiting with his dog calmly lying on the floor at his feet. When they were called back to the treatment room, he quietly said, "come" as his dog faithfully followed him through the door. I was so embarrassed and silently wondered if I would ever be able to have a relationship like that with my dog. I finally found a local trainer. With proper training tools and guidance, within five minutes, our dog was walking politely. I was hooked on dog training. 

My focus is on creating balanced relationships with humans and their dogs through leadership, obedience and socialization. Behavior problems develop from a lack of structure and leadership in the relationship between humans and their dogs. Although teaching tricks is a lot of fun, and we will do that too, dog training is really about a lifestyle of inclusion with your dog. I want my dogs to be part of my life. Training allows them to do that.


I've been fortunate to be able to learn from some great local and national trainers. In July of 2016 I attended Train the Trainers in Chatsworth, California. The seminar was an intensive seven day program. In August, 2016, I attended Chad Mackin's Behavior Troubleshooting Workshop at Wasatch Canine Camp in Orem, Utah. In December 2016 and January of 2018  I attended The Puppy Paradox: Training for the Adolescent and Young Puppies with Sarah Fulcher Dixon and Brittany Brauer.  In the spring of 2018 I attended Heather Beck’s Dealing with Difficult Dogs with Jason Vasconi at K9Lifeline in Draper, Utah. I also attended Nelson Hodges Relationship Based Behavior Modification workshop in 2018. In 2019 I attended Jay Jack’s Play is the Way workshop at K9Lifeline.


I have been a criminal defense lawyer in Salt Lake City for 23 years. I am fortunate to own my own business where I can bring dogs into the office. It is a great opportunity for training and for clients who loves dogs, it has been a great ice breaker. As a lawyer, I have successfully represented dog owners who have been charged criminally when their dogs have misbehaved.  


My husband and I live on an acre of property in Sandy with our two horses, out pit bull, Betty, our pit bull/border collie mix T-Bone, and our dog training cat. It is a great place for dog training, with lots of room to run and work.